Kid Chats Parent Guide: Consent

Initial Reactions

Watch the ‘what is consent?’ video with your child. Ask them these questions right after. Let your child’s responses lead to a discussion where you listen more than you talk.

  • Have you heard the word consent before? What do you think it means?

  • Who do you like to hug?

  • Do you always ask permission before you touch someone? Why do you think you should?

  • Have I ever asked you to hug someone that you didn't want to? How could I have handled the situation differently?

  • What should you do if someone touches you and you don't want them to?

  • Can you tell NO for me?

Follow-up Questions

Make sure that you have ongoing conversations with your child. You can use these questions later to remind them of the things you talked about right after watching the video. Again, try to listen more than you talk.

  • What do you remember from the Kid Chats video we watched with the kids talking about consent?

  • Has anyone touched you in a way that makes you uncomfortable?

  • Do you like hugs or high-fives better?

  • When someone wants to hug you but you don’t want them to, what can you say? Have you ever had to do that?

  • If you want to give someone a hug, what should you ask them?

Questions to Ask Yourself

It’s your job to make sure that your child is safe. Here are a few things to consider yourself or discuss with a co-parent.

  • How am I allowing my child to show affection on their own terms? What more could I do?

  • How can I ensure I never force my child to hug someone that they don’t want to?

  • How can I be a good example of consent for them?

  • Do I allow my child to tell me no when it comes to their body?

  • How can I empower the people around my child to respect their choices?


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