Luminaria: A Light #WorthDefending


In the United States 300,000 children are victims of child sexual abuse every year.


What if we could save 300,000 children?


What if one of those children was yours?



Show your child their light is #WorthDefending. Add their name to a luminaria and support us in creating a world without childhood sexual abuse.



Childhood is #WorthDefending

We created a giant digital sidewalk full of chalk art to show that the innocence of childhood is worth defending from child sexual abuse.


Start the conversation in your home.

Become a Defender

It only takes one person to stand up and start a movement. You can be that person, and together we can defend the innocence of children.

100% of proceeds help sexual abuse survivors and fund sexual abuse prevention.

Start the conversation in your community.

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• Spread the word, break the silence.

Invite Us to Speak

• Empower yourselves with knowledge.

Make It Personal

• Talk to your circle of trust about sexual abuse.