How to Gather the People You Influence

As a community influencer, you’re connected to groups where you can share our material. The easiest way to provide
education is in meetings where people already gather.



Brainstorm a list of opportunities where you could schedule a discussion about one of our topics.

  • Regularly scheduled organization trainings
  • Lunch and learns where a company/organization provides lunch and employees donate
    their time to be educated
  • Community meetings
  • Church groups


Work with the people in your group/organization/network to determine how to incorporate our education into an already scheduled meeting or gathering.



Once a time and place has been set, invite as many as possible to attend.



Ensure that the gathering is promoted.

Here is a list of other people of influence that you might be able to collaborate with to connect with additional groups. Sharing our information with as many people as possible will promote safety in your community.

People of influence you might know:

  • Civic leaders
  • Healthcare Leaders
  • Ecclesiastical leaders
  • Business leaders
  • School leaders
  • Grass roots neighborhood leaders

Groups they can connect you with:

  • Clubs
  • Community groups
  • Business groups
  • Church groups
  • Interfaith groups
  • School groups
  • Nonprofit groups

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