We Have A Message For Parents And Caregivers

Responsibility To Protect

Any person that cares for a child has the responsibility to defend their innocence. We want to empower parents and caregivers to reduce the risk of childhood sexual abuse. This is not about “stranger danger.” Ninety percent of sexual abuse is done by someone the family knows.  

As parents and caregivers, we can protect our children by understanding the risk of childhood sexual abuse, knowing how to teach a child about healthy touch, having age appropriate discussions about healthy sexuality, recognizing grooming patterns, and discussing the potential of past abuse.


Our Six Presentations

Wherever parents gather (schools, community groups, churches, businesses), we want to share our critical message. We currently offer six one-hour presentations that will empower you to defend the innocence of your children. We are available to do all six, or just one; whatever fits your needs. 

  1. Teaching your Children Healthy Sexuality – A dialogue about what healthy sexuality is, why teaching it to your children matters, and how to have age-appropriate conversations about sexuality.  
  2. Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness – A discussion about the myths of sexual abuse, common patterns of perpetrators, factors that increase the risk sexual abuse will occur, and tools you can implement to mitigate those risks. 
  3. Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Abuse – A course on common perpetrator patterns, recognizing the signs of sexual abuse, and managing recovery from abuse so a survivor can return to healthy living. 
  4. Dating Scene? Keeping Safe. – A discussion for parents, teens, and college students about the myths of sexual assault, factors that can increase risk, and tools for effectively responding if you see something happen or if someone opens up.
  5. 5 Key Strategies of Healing from Sexual Abuse – An introduction to powerful, proven, and effective strategies that have helped many survivors start to feel, to heal, and to move forward in life again. 
  6. How Trauma Impacts the Brain – Why understanding the brain better equips survivors and family members to navigate the healing process.  


Speaker Fees

Due to the generosity of our partners, we do not charge any speaker fees.  In the event that travel is required, we ask the sponsoring organization to cover the cost of travel and accommodations.

Although we do not charge speaker fees, we always welcome donations. 

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