Make Your Pledge To Defend Innocence

Become A Defender

Each of us has the ability to make a difference – to reduce the sexual exploitation of children.  To become a Defender of innocence, we ask you to make a pledge of what you will do.  It can be small or it can be big.  Every effort makes a difference.  Follow the three simple steps below to join us is this critical fight.


I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to make many ripples. 

—Mother Teresa


Step 1 – Make Your Social Pledge

Download and print the Defender Card. Write your personal way that you will defend innocence. Post it on social media using the hashtags #defendinnocence #oneinfourgirls #oneinsixboys

Download Defender Card >


Step 2 – Fulfill Your Pledge

This the hard part.  It is time to make good on your pledge.  Cast your own stone on the waters by defending innocence in your community and watch the amazing ripples that follow.


Step 3 – Share Your Story

We want to hear about the amazing things that happened as you fulfilled your pledge.  When you are ready share your story with us.  It will inspire others with ideas and ways they can also defend innocence in their community.

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