You want to protect your child from sexual abuse. But where do you start? With Little Talks! You can have them at ANY age, starting as young as a newborn. Not sure what to say? Check out all of our Little Talks below to see what you should talk to your child about, no matter their age.

Little Talks to Have With Your 0- to 2-Year-Old

It is never too early to talk to your child about sex and healthy sexuality. Even your infant isn’t too young for you to lay a positive groundwork.

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Little Talks to Have With Your 2- to 4-Year-Old

When children are this age they are very curious about their bodies and the way that everything works. It’s the perfect time to talk about sex!

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Little Talks to Have With Your 5- to 8-Year-Old

As your children interact more with the outside world, they may hear or see things that make them curious. If those have to do with sex then you want to make sure you’re the one they talk to about their questions.

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Little Talks to Have With Your 9- to 12-Year-Old

Your tween may be going through puberty, or will be soon. Time to make sure that they understand what’s happening to their bodies and minds as they develop.

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Little Talks to Have With Your 13- to 15-Year-Old

A younger teen may start pushing you away so they can have a greater feeling of autonomy. Make sure that you still keep the communication open and continue to talk to them about sex.

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Little Talks to Have With Your 16- to 18-Year-Old

The older your child gets, the less comfortable they may be talking to you about sex. Don’t let that discourage you! At this age they are still vulnerable to sexual abuse and need you there to talk to them and support them.

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