Teach In Your Community

Teaching In Your Community

As you work to prevent child sexual abuse in your community, we want you to have the tools you need to offer impactful education. Explore our free resources that empower you to take action and help others learn more and do more to reduce the risk of abuse.

Each of these resources was developed in collaboration with licensed mental health clinicians and community leaders.

Solving a problem like sexual abuse requires the right information and a unified understanding and commitment across all members of a community. You can start by having conversations. Our discussion guides help make it easier to have meaningful dialogue and increase awareness around sexual abuse. Each guide includes all the materials you need to both inform and invite others to take action in reducing the risk of abuse. We provide a step-by-step outline for each discussion that you can follow or adapt in a way that works best for you and others who join the conversation. Whether you choose to organize a formal meeting, host a casual conversation, or present a seminar to a group of parents, your efforts will be key to helping curb the epidemic of abuse in your community.

It will take more than one conversation to make an impact on reducing the risk of child sexual abuse in your community. But you can start with the topics that will have the greatest impact. Select a topic that is relevant to the members of your community. After completing one topic, pick the next one and resume the conversation when you can.

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