Your Child’s Confidence Reduces the Risk of Sexual Abuse

Our approach to reducing the risk of child sexual abuse includes increasing the capability and confidence of kids. Children who are lonely are more susceptible to grooming because, in their mind, any attention will help ease their loneliness, no matter who is giving it. Likewise, a child who believes they are unattractive or unintelligent may feel like they deserve to be treated poorly. So while confidence and capability are not a failproof armor against sexual abuse (even though we wish it was so), helping your child develop these characteristics can decrease their vulnerability.

Children who feel safe, loved, and confident in their abilities to navigate challenges and who have trusted adults to whom they can turn to when they need help are less likely to be sexually abused.

In addition to the strategies you’re already using to build your child’s confidence and capability, we’ve done some research of our own to identify ways that parents can raise capable kids.

Communicate Boundaries

Help your child learn to express wants and needs.

Cope with Emotion

Help your child recognize and cope with big feelings.

Build Confidence

Grow your child’s belief in themselves.

Practice Consent

Teach your child to respect others.

Parenting a capable kid takes time, patience, and practice—but it’s so worth the effort. Your efforts to help create a happy, healthy childhood pave the way to a happy, healthy adulthood.

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