Loving physical touch is a necessary part of every child’s healthy development. There will be times, however, when your child just doesn’t want to be touched. It may be because they feel they’re outgrowing hugs or kisses; they may not enjoy constant physical touch; or they may not want a hug or kiss in that moment.

While a kiss on the head or a hug goodbye are amazing ways to show your love, here are 10 ways you can let your child know you care without touch:

Tell Them

Whether you say, “I love you,” or “I’m proud of you,” or “You’re amazing,” you can use your words to let your child know that they are cared for and loved.

Read To Them

Not only is it beneficial to them to read with you at least 20 minutes every day, but also it lets them know that you care enough to take that time to put everything else aside and focus on them.

Write Them Notes

It could be a funny cartoon Post-It on the bathroom mirror or a love note on a napkin for their lunchbox, writing them a note will make them feel special.

Tell Them Stories About When They Were Younger

Some kids love to hear about what they were like when they were babies. Tell them about funny things they said or did. Talk to them about the first day you brought them home. This will let them know that they are in some of your favorite memories.

Sing To Them

Or, if you’re not musically inclined, play them music. Whether it’s a lullaby before bed or an impromptu dance party in the kitchen, music is a great way to show your love.

Play A Game

You could play catch, a board game, or “I spy” in the car. Playing a game allows you to engage with them and give them a chance to see how much you care for them.

Take Them On A Date

Spending one-on-one time can make a huge difference to a child. Letting them have a say in what you do, whether it’s picking the restaurant or the time of day, will make them feel important.


Doesn’t it feel amazing when you feel like someone is really listening? Give that gift to your child and let them know that what they have to say matters.

Have Dinner As A Family

Studies show that the more consistently a family sits down for a meal together—technology-free—the more benefits their children will see. Everything from grades to self-esteem will improve.

Be Present

The last, but probably most important, non-physical way to show your child that you love them is to be there. Show up. Be in the moment with them. Don’t check out when they’re sitting right next to you.

The next time your child squirms away from your hug or tells you they’re too old for a kiss, try using one of these ideas to let them know how loved they are!

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