Proactive Parents Can Reduce the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse

Our approach to reducing the risk of child sexual abuse includes increasing the awareness and proactivity of parents. It’s not surprising that a strong parent-child relationship plays a critical role in preventing child sexual abuse. At Saprea, we believe that as you increase your own mental and emotional well-being, and as you take the time to build a knowledge base that makes you the trusted expert for your child, your confidence in yourself and your ability to parent grows, and you are more able to provide the example for your child of behaviors that will help them develop similar strategies to use in their own lives and relationships.

In addition to the things you are already doing to nurture yourself and your relationship with your child, the following strategies may also be helpful for you to consider.

Bond with
Your Child

Strengthen your relationship with your child.


Cope with your emotions in productive ways.


Respond in a way that encourages more talking.


Be aware of situations that put your child at risk.


Ask trusted individuals for their help.

Being a proactive parent requires effort every single day, which will build patience and endurance. The good news is that the effort you are putting into being a healthier, happier, knowledgeable, and supported parent will result in benefits for you and your child!

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