15 Tips for a Safe Summer for Your Kids

In the summertime, kids participate in activities where they’ll spend lots of time away from you with other kids and adults. Here are 15 tips to reduce the risk of sexual abuse and help your kids have a safe summer.


Family gatherings can strengthen family bonds. Unfortunately, they can also provide opportunities for sexual abuse. In 30% of cases, the perpetrator is a member of the child’s family.

  1. Avoid one-on-one time between your child and another adult
  2. Set clear behavioral boundaries
  3. Have open communication with
  4. Don’t let people break family rules

More time with technology

Keep track of what kids are doing online. 1 in 7 youth internet users say they have received unwanted sexual solicitations.

  1. Don’t give your kids unrestricted access to technology
  2. Monitor what’s happening and safeguard private information
  3. Give kids a say in the rules
  4. Set up rules now before
  5. Be aware of filter workarounds


Sleepovers raise the risk for child sexual abuse. If you choose to have sleepovers, there are some things to think through.

  1. Consider whether your child is mature enough for sleepovers
  2. Ensure you know and trust the other parents
  3. Find out who else will be at the house
  4. Teach your child what to do if there is inappropriate media
  5. Make a plan in case your child wants to leave

15 tips for a safe summer